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  • Stability of tissues with immediate loading
  • Using final abutment in provisionalization stage to minimize abutment disconnections
  • Nobel Biocare New York Symposium 2016
  • Design and engineering to optimize soft and hard tissue outcomes general session


The success of immediate loading expanded the clinical basis for restorations in the early postoperative period. On the other hand, there is no doubt that in order to ensure the stability of the soft tissues and to reduce bone remodeling, it is necessary to minimize manipulations associated with the replacement of all types of abutments. Along with that it is essential to choose the optimal biocompatible materials.

Now clinicians face the task of finding a rational approach to some temporary prosthetics, to minimize clinical procedures and thereby improve the prognosis of the final restoration.

In accordance with this task, it becomes reasonable to use the final abutment immediately or at the early stages after implant placement. This allows you to reduce the number of clinical procedures associated with replacement and fitting of prosthetic components. Thus you are able to minimize the apical migration of the epithelium, as well as to reduce costs and to optimize the clinical stages.


Dr. Aram Davidian graduated from the dentistry faculty of the Erevan State Medical University in 1992. In 1997 he successfully completed studies and clinical residency in the professorate of orthodontology and children’s prosthetics at Moscow State Medical Dental University. From 2001 to 2003 he was Chief Doctor at the Chicago Center of Advanced Dentistry in Moscow. In 2003 he established and took charge of the clinical training and development center “Avroraclinic”, also in Moscow. Dr. Davidian has presented at a number of Russian and international scientific events including the Summit of orthodontists of Russia (2004), the International Osteology Congress (2005), the Moscow Congress of Implantology (2007), The Nobel Biocare World Tour (2008), and the Eastern European Conference of Implantology in Lviv, Ukraine (2009). Between 2004 and 2008 he was a Science Editor for the Azbuka and Quintessence publishing houses. He is author of several microsurgery methodologies, and over 60 articles and books including Elimination of gingival recession, Atlas of plastic surgery of implants soft tissue and Muco-gingival surgery. Problems and solutions.



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