Annual Report


At the end of 2016, the Foundation for Oral Rehabilitation (FOR) proudly looks back at yet another year of successful development both regarding our product offering and the fast growing number of our associate fellows.

The launch of important educational offerings like FOR’s Treatment Guidelines for Single Tooth or the additional digital textbooks and ePapers, as well as the execution of another successful scientific consensus meeting have been major milestones in the past year. Throughout the year of 2016, we maintained our efforts to further grow the online offering, the platform. With over 15,000 registered users at the end of 2016, and around 130 globally renowned contributing experts actively contributing, FOR reinforced the efforts to build its virtual community of dental professionals. Our purpose of supporting better patient care worldwide remains at the center of all our activities. We are highly grateful for the strong commitment and manifold contributions of the dental and medical community that support us in this endeavor.