Content review process

FOR aims at providing the highest quality of content. Therefore all content is carefully reviewed before it is published. This review process consists of three main steps:

1. Members of the FOR Governance Council assess the proposed content on its suitability for FOR. This step is mainly focused on assessing the relevance of the topic and the overall scientific quality. Here the basic decision is taken whether to pursue with the project or not.

2. In the second step, FOR experts, i.e. clinicians with expertise in the respective area, do a thorough content review. They assess the content in view of scientific quality, accuracy, structure and completeness.  FOR Center will assess the content for consistency and compliance for the website and also perform a clinical review. 

3. Thirdly, the content is then edited for syntax. Furthermore, details are checked such as the accuracy of reference citation and of the authors’ interpretation of other papers. This step is done jointly by the FOR Center and external experts as needed.