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Consensus Conference FOR

Successful third Consensus Conference of the Foundation for Oral Rehabilitation

The Foundation for Oral Rehabilitation (FOR) held its 2016 Consensus Conference last Nov.30 to Dec.1 at the University of Pennsylvania School of...

More than 15.000 oral health professionals on

After our 3-year anniversary last June, we are pleased to announce the attainment of another key milestone: the FOR community has reached 15.000...

Infographic: Why choose to place dental implants?

Find 10 reasons in our infographic

Young clinician case competition, Toledo 2015, Spain / Programa de pósters dirigido a Jóvenes Dentistas

During the local Spanish Nobel Biocare 2015 symposium held in Toledo (Spain), FOR had the privilege to host a session dedicated to the next...

First International Zygoma Summit Held in Las Vegas

Recently, was on hand for the first international Zygoma Summit in Las Vegas.


This full-day summit, led by world-renowned...

a brief history of dental implants

Infographic: A Brief History of Dental Implants

Shell implants, Vitallium implants, osseointegration...ever wonder how it all started? 




Noma: The Forgotten Disease remains committed to supporting our humanitarian partners like the “Winds of Hope” Foundation and its fight against the disease, Noma....

Meet FOR at the Int'l Zygoma Summit!

The First International Zygoma Summit takes place on Sunday, September 20, 2015 in Las Vegas!


This full-day summit, led by world-renowned...

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Using FOR's new content browser, it's that much easier to research a...'s ebook: Temporomandibular Joint:  Structure, Function and Dysfunction

FOR Launches Second eBook – The Temporomandibular Joint

FOR’s latest digital textbook provides an in-depth knowledge of temporomandibular joint anatomy. 


Edited by Dr. Edwin L. Christiansen, a...