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Hannes Wachtel - Various treatment options for the terminal dentition and for the edentulous

It has been our experience, over the last ten years, that the vast majority of patients presenting with “terminal dentition” prefer to maintain fixed “teeth”. The All-on-4® treatment concept will meet these requirements. Furthermore treatment time, costs and treatment effort is...

Edentulous treatments
Implant prosthetics
Prosthetics on natural teeth


Lyndon Cooper: Endosseous dental implants - transformational for the edentulous

AAOMS data estimate that by the age of 74, 26 % of all adults will have lost all of their permanent teeth. Dr Cooper points out, that the care of the octagenarian is a challenge for dental profession, but also a major opportunity. Dr Cooper reviews the main parameters related to...
Digital workflow


Pierre de Grandmont: Missing multiple posterior teeth: treatment planning considerations

The lecture discusses the need for treatment and the treatment options in multiple posterior missing teeth cases, as well as the barriers to such treatments. Treatment of missing teeth is not necessary in all cases, as long as there is adaptive capacity to maintain oral function...

Posterior implants
Aftercare / follow up
Removable prosthetics