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Live Surgery - Removal of Mesh and Placement of Implants

In this second live surgery, Dr. Jay Malmquist demontrates how he removes the mesh used for ridge regeneration, places implants in the anterior region and closes the wound again for submerged healing.

Hard & soft tissue management
Bone grafting and regeneration
Guided Surgery

Patient cases

Treatment of a fractured root using dynamic navigated surgery by Dr. Luca De Stavola

An 80-year-old female patient presents a fractured root on a distal fixed bridge element in the posterior maxilla. The case is solved with immediate flapless implant placement using dynamic navigated surgery of mesially tilted implants and immediate provisionalization.

Digital workflow
Guided Surgery
Immediate implant placement


Consensus Conference on Missing Single Teeth

Discover the findings of the consensus conference on “ Missing Single Teeth”.

Fixed prosthetics
Immediate implant placement