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Treatment guidelines

The regular recall control appointment, at least every 6 months, should comprise a hygiene check by the dental/oral hygienist or other auxiliary, and include professional cleaning of the restoration, prosthetic components, sulcus and any...

Aftercare / follow up
Fixed prosthetics
Oral hygiene instructions

Treatment guidelines

Parafunctional activities can apply high forces to both implant and prosthetic components. These forces can lead to fracture or loosening of screws and abutments, chipping of the veneering material or fracture of the prosthetic reconstruction...

Temporomandibular Joint
Implant designs
Biomechanics and occlusion

Patient cases

A 75-year-old female patient with multiple medical conditions asking for dental implants to improve her masticatory function. As such, the All-on-4® treatment concept protocol for the mandible and later on a flapless implant surgery for the maxilla have been employed.

Digital workflow