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Scientific posters

Clinical performance of anodized abutments and gradually anodized implant surface

Novel anodized abutment and gradually anodized implant surfaces are designed to optimize mucointegration and osseointegration. This scientific poster presented at the EAO Congress Digital Days 2020 shows preliminary data on soft tissue health at interim follow-up, prosthetic...

Implant surfaces

Scientific articles

Evaluation of anodized surfaces for improved soft tissue integration

In this work the effect of surface anodization on soft tissue integration was evaluated by comparing anodized (Xeal™) and machined surface titanium discs as culture substrates for human gingival epithelial cells (HGEPp) and primary human gingival fibroblasts (HFIB-G). HFIB-G cells...

Soft tissue management


Close OR

Primary responsibility: Nurse/Dental Assistant
Timing: End of the day
Location: OR/Surgical Suite/Operatory
Comments: Refers to one room (not patient); only performed 1x per day

Digital workflow
Guided Surgery


Administrative Pre-Treatment Consultation

Primary responsibility: Nurse/Dental Assistant
Timing: After pre-treatment consultation before patient leaves
Location: Consultation room and/or front desk

Preoperative procedures