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Collagen Whitepaper

Authors Jay Malmquist, Todd V. Scantlebury and R. Gilbert Triplett clarify, understand, compare and further define collagen and collagen biomaterials by outlining the history, differences in collagen types, shapes, composition and fabrication. 

eBooks and ePapers

EBook: Implant Fixed Complete Dentures

Now fully released, this ebook provides chapter by chapter journey through the multiple aspects of the required planning and treatment of patients who need a fixed complete denture and associated crowns to fully restore their oral well-being. 



Edentulous rehabilitation
Diagnosis & treatment planning
Implant surgery

eBooks and ePapers

Proceedings of the 2018 Oral Rehabilitation Symposium

This publication contains the proceedings of the Oral Rehabilitation Symposium held at the University of Sydney in June 2018. 21 chapters cover findings on implant osseointegration, occlusion, orofacial pain, TMD and jaw function.

Biomechanics and occlusion
Temporomandibular Joint
Immediate loading / provisionalization

eBooks and ePapers

eBook: Single Implants and their Restoration

A valuable reference for everyone involved in implant placement or implant restoration. 18 chapters from diagnosis to oral hygiene maintenance, 950+ photographs, over 40 videos, end of chapter self-assessment quizzes and 1,000+ scientific and literature references.

Digital workflow

eBooks and ePapers

eBook: Implant overdentures: From Diagnosis to Maintenance

A valuable reference for everyone involved in implant placement for the edentulous patient. Implant Overdentures contains14 chapters covering the entire treatment journey from diagnosis to oral hygiene maintenance with 1,200+ photographs, over 50 videos,  self-assessment quizzes.

eBooks and ePapers

eBook: The Temporomandibular Joint

This eBook is a comprehensive, evidence-based review of the bony anatomy, normal and abnormal periarticular soft tissue anatomy including extensive details about the articular disc, and muscles associated with the temporomandibular joint. Over 650 images 325 Scientific references.

eBooks and ePapers

ePaper: Traumatic Dental Injuries: Update on current Treatment

This ePaper describes the management of Traumatic Dental Injuries (TDIs) with a focus on wound healing and the need to consider the age of the patient when planning treatment.

eBooks and ePapers

ePaper: Implant Supported / Implant Retained Removable Partial Dentures (IRPDs)

The placement of implants beneath extension base removable partial dentures (RPD) provides substantial support and / or retention that enhances patient comfort and function. This ePaper presents how implants can be beneficially used in conjunction with removable partial dentures.

eBooks and ePapers

ePaper: Connective Tissue Grafting Techniques

Connective Tissue Grafts are becoming a common adjunct to dental implant therapy. This ePaper presents several techniques for harvesting and placing.

eBooks and ePapers

ePaper: Recognition, Assessment and Management of Implant Related Nerve Injuries

Management of nerve injury involves a combination of interventions, including early surgical and medical treatments. This ePaper provides diagnosis and treatment recommendations for nerve injuries based on current evidence.

eBooks and ePapers

ePaper: A Multidisciplinary Approach For Temporomandibular Disorders Management

This ePaper aims at providing clinicians with a pathway for managing a patient affected by a temporomandibular disorder (TMD). It includes classification, risk factors and prevention, TMD management and a biomechanical model of the human mandible.