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The Emerging Leader Program (ELP) in Oral Rehabilitation 

2nd Edition (2024 – 2025)

FOR ELP: Program Details

Example of Program ACTIVITIES

The Emerging Leader Program in oral rehabilitation consists of a series of online and live workshops, clinical residencies and mentoring over the course of 2 years. Workshops and clinical residencies will take place in Europe and North America. 


  • How to write and edit scientific publications
  • How to visualize clinical data (i.e. manuscripts, reports, videos)
  • Top executive coaching and feedback on own lectures and webinars to increase impact

Online Webinars

  • Share you expertise and discuss with other experts in your field
  • Participate in 1-on-1 Q & A sessions with key opinion leaders regarding clinical challenges
  • Discuss leadership development topics with experts in the field

Clinical Residency

  • Advance your clinical expertise by participating in 2 clinical residencies at a world-renowned clinical center
  • Join in a 1–2-week individualized training on advanced implant-based restorative treatment concepts
  • Residencies will be available in your areas of interest and include: full-arch rehabilitation, esthetics, or digital dentistry workflow

Other Important Information


Expenses covered by FOR: the costs for the program workshops, and fees for the clinical residency centers are covered

Expenses that participants will have to cover: Participants are expected to cover their own travel, accommodation, and meal expenses when participating in workshops, meetings, as well as during the 2 clinical residencies. Participants cannot claim speaker's fees or any other type of compensation for any ELP events in which they are presenting during the duration of the program

Time & travel requirements

Depending on your geographical location, we will match you to one of our partnering world-renowned clinical centers either Europe or in the US, where you will perform 2 residencies under the guidance and mentoring of thought leaders in the field. The time investment from participants will be, in average, around 1.5 days per month for program activities for the duration of the program. They will also be expected to travel 2-3 times per year to selected program meetings for the duration of the program.

Certification & your contribution

In order to successfully complete the program you have to fully participate in all workshops as well the 2 clinical residencies. 

As part of your role of becoming a leader and mentor in your profession, you will contribute to peer development, educational content and have the opportunity to hold presentations at symposia and/or congresses.

Training and mentoring others and by participating in ambassador activities for FOR you will grow, gain experience and expand your network with the best in your field.

Terms of Participation in the ELP

Please read the terms of participation that you need to satisfy in order to be a part of and successfully graduate from the ELP. These terms will also be explained to you by the ELP Council Co-Chairs, if you will be accepted into the program.

Read the full ELP terms of participation, HERE.

ELP Intranet Page (Accepted ELP candidates only)

We developed an intranet page specifically for the candidates of the program where you can communicate with each other, send support requests, see the updated program timelines, and many other features. Use the link below to access the intranet page.

ELP Intranet Page