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ELP Workshop in Thun

In June the ELP had it's first face-to-face event in Thun. All the Emerging Leaders (ELs) came together for the first time to participate in a 3-day workshop and networking event. They had the fantastic opportunity to see and learn from Chris Atkinson and Jilly Carter how to improve their speaking and presentation skills.

In Thun it was also the first time the ELs met their mentors. Mentoring is very important in developing the skills and knowledge required to become a world-class speaker. Watch Dr Chandur Wadhwani below speak about why it is so important and see a part of their amazing ELP experience!

Dr Chandur Wadhwani about the Emerging Leader Program and why mentoring is important

See the Emerging Leaders in action improving their Presentation & Speaking skills in this ELP workshop

ELP Group
The ELs are paying attention and learning new tips and tricks to be better speakers and presenters
Liliana Silva
Dr Liliana Silva is up next
Thun ELs
Dr Ann Wei is sharing her thoughts, while Dr Richard Ansong and Dr Marko Magic are listening carefully
ELP Thun
Dr Javier Bobes Bascaran showing us his skills
FOR Thun
Dr Alexandra Marques is taking notes
FOR Thun
Dr Shoresh Afnan is having a blast
FOR Thun
Our EL from Italy, Dr Fabrizio Colombo is considering the feedback


Liliana Thun
Liliana Silva