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Emerging Leader Program

The FOR Emerging Leader Council

Council Vision and Objectives

Focused on the identifying and developing future leaders, the FOR Emerging Leader Council strives to ensure the creation of an international scholarly community in oral rehabilitation, by developing and leading the FOR Emerging Leader Program (ELP).
The council is facilitating and encouraging the growth of cross-disciplinary networks formed of leading clinicians dedicated to creating leadership opportunities for talented professionals. Further, the council is promoting initiatives that support the next generation of dental professionals through programs aimed at professional as well as personal development opportunities.
Accordingly, the council works with the FOR Board of Trustees and the Foundation Office with the following objectives:
  1. Identify, recruit and nurture new talented scholars with diverse backgrounds by developing initiatives that engage the next generation of professional leadership
  2. Emphasize fostering and growing an international network of young professionals in education, science and humanitarian services

The Council Members

Emerging Leader Council Co-Chair, FOR Board of Trustees
Emerging Leader Council Co-Chair, FOR Board of Trustees
Emerging Leader Council Member, FOR Board of Trustees
Emerging Leader Council Member
Emerging Leader Council Member