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FOR Emerging Leaders Class of 2024-2025

About the Emerging Leaders

On behalf of the Emerging Leader Council, we are pleased to present to you the FOR Emerging Leaders of the 2024-2025 class. Click on their profile pictures to read more about each of them.

North American Emerging Leaders

Seattle, United States
Redlands, United States
Olympia, United States
Calimesa, United States
Spokane, United States
Norfolk, United States
North Vancouver, Canada
Palo Alto, United States
Tampa, United States
Mississauga, Canada
Vancouver, Canada
Irvine, United States

European / APAC Emerging Leaders

Reykjavik, Iceland
Hong Kong, SAR China
La Loggia, Italy
Paris, France
Essex, United Kingdom
Vilnius, Lithuania
Vincennes, France
Helsinborg, Sweden
Zabierzow, Poland
Rome, Italy
Warrington, United Kingdom
Lisbon, Portugal