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Forward Emerging Leader Program

FORward Emerging Leader Program in Oral Rehabilitation

2021 – 2023

FORward Emerging Leader Program

Emerging Leaders Selected

We are excited to present you with the FOR Emerging Leaders in Oral Rehabilitation of the 2021-2023 edition. You can take a look at their biographies and understand more about their education and experience.

See the FOR Emerging Leaders
Welcome to FORward, the Emerging Leader Program in Oral Rehabilitation. This 2-year expert and opinion leader development program in oral rehabilitation gives experienced clinicians and national speakers an opportunity to become the next generation of experts in our field. We are excited to have you here so you can see whether it matches your professional goals and ambitions. The program is currently running in Europe and North America with plans to extend to other regions.

Are you ready to take your skills to the next level and expand your international network?

The Program

Our Vision

Our vision is to develop the next generation of experts in the field of Oral Rehabilitation:
  • Enable aspiring clinicians in oral rehabilitation to become recognized experts
  • Develop an international network of recognized professionals in the field
  • Empower candidates to become a FOR Fellow and FOR Expert

Your Benefits

Provide you with coaching and mentoring opportunities:
  • Master the on-stage and on-line lecturing and clinical presentations
  • Publish clinical case reports, articles and research
  • Deepen your clinical expertise and recognition as a thought leader in areas of clinical interest


    The program aims to help you:
    • Further establish your profile as a leading dental expert and grow your professional network internationally

    • Enhance your presentation skills online and on-stage

    • Extend your clinical expertise in varied advanced treatment concepts

    • Become a key part of a renowned, global, online dental community

    • Develop professionally through mentoring and by mentoring other clinicians

    • Present and publish clinical cases, treatment strategies, and clinical evidence

    • Become an international ambassador and FOR expert

    The Three Pillars of the Program

    Emerging leader speaker mentoring
    Stage Presence

    Top executive coaching and feedback on your own lectures and webinars

    Research Oral Implantology.jpg
    Research and Publications

    Scientific publications workshop: writing and editing manuscripts, abstracts & posters, visualization of clinical data, high impact case reports & video. 

    Clinical excellence
    Clinical Excellence

    Individual training on advanced implant-based restorative treatment concepts at a renowned training centers to develop clinical expertise.

    Program ACTIVITIES

    The Emerging Leader Program in oral rehabilitation consists of a series of online and live workshops, clinical residencies and mentoring over the course of 2 years. Workshops and clinical residencies will take place in Europe and North America. 


    • How to write and edit scientific publications
    • How to visualize clinical data (i.e. manuscripts, reports, videos)
    • Top executive coaching and feedback on own lectures and webinars to increase impact

    Online Webinars

    • Share you expertise and discuss with other experts in your field
    • Participate in 1-on-1 Q & A sessions with key opinion leaders regarding clinical challenges
    • Discuss leadership development topics with experts in the field

    Clinical Residency

    • Advance your clinical expertise by participating in 2 clinical residencies at a world-renowned clinical center
    • Join in a 1–2-week individualized training on advanced implant-based restorative treatment concepts
    • Residencies will be available in your areas of interest and include: full-arch rehabilitation, esthetics, or digital dentistry workflow

    Who should apply to the Program?

    1. Are you a dynamic, ambitious and highly motivated dental professional practicing in North America or Europe with clinical expertise in surgical and/or prosthodontic treatments in oral rehabilitation?

    2. Do you enjoy networking and presenting at scientific meetings?

    3. Do you like discussing, presenting, and working with scientific content in the virtual environment and on stage?

    4. Are you a leader of implementing evidence-based new technologies and treatments in clinical practice?

    5. Do you enjoy being mentored and mentoring others?

    We are looking for mid-career dentists with clinical responsibilities in oral rehabilitation surgery or prosthodontics, who have an interest in contributing to the profession through Education, Scientific or Humanitarian projects.

    The program is geared towards clinicians being considered or entering a leadership role, lecturing and giving stage presentations at industry and education events and at global congresses. Applicants will be required to obtain a letter of support from their center/institution director, department chair, division chief, or equivalent leadership figure to complete the application.

    In keeping with the Foundation for Oral Rehabilitation values of diversity and inclusion, we are committed to recruiting a diverse pool of applicants.


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    The Emerging Leader Council

    Emerging Leader Council Co-Chair, FOR Board of Trustees
    Emerging Leader Council Co-Chair, FOR Board of Trustees

    The Emerging Leader Program Phases

    Program Timeline

    The program spans over the course of 2 years and is organized in 4 phases from program set-up, application and candidate selection, moving into the practical work phase and concluding with a certification phase.

    Summer & Fall 2021

    Set-up and recruitment phase

    Set-up council

    Recruitment of clinical residency centres

    Application and selection of candidates


    Emerging leader starting phase

    End of 2021

    Start-up phase

    Kick-off and virtual workshops

    Mentoring & networking workshops

    Emerging leader ramp-up


    Ongoing training


    Webinars and stage presentations

    Clinical residencies

    FORward Program: Ongoing Phase


    Final year


    Clinical residencies


    Emerging leader final year

    Other Important Information


    Thanks to a grant from FOR's sponsor and partner, Nobel Biocare, the costs for the program workshops, including accommodation and meals are covered. Participants are expected to cover their own travel to workshops and meetings on both continents. For the 2 clinical residencies participants will also be expected to cover their own accommodation and meal costs. 

    To learn more about our partner, please go here.

    Time & travel requirements

    Depending on your geographical location, we will match you to one of our partnering world-renowned clinical centers either Europe or in the US, where you will perform 2 residencies under the guidance and mentoring of thought leaders in the field. The time investment from participants will be, in average, around 2 days per month for program activities for the duration of the program. They will also be expected to travel 2-3 times per year to selected program meetings for the duration of the program.

    Certification & your contribution

    In order to successfully complete the program you have to fully participate in all workshops as well the 2 clinical residencies. 

    As part of your role of becoming a leader and mentor in your profession, you will contribute to peer development, educational content and have the opportunity to hold presentations at symposia and/or congresses.

    Training and mentoring others and by participating in ambassador activities for FOR you will grow, gain experience and expand your network with the best in your field.

    Ready to apply? Click on the apply now button above and send us your application today.