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FORward Emerging Leader Program in Oral Rehabilitation

2021 – 2023

The FORward Emerging Leader Program is Live

Welcome to FORward, the Emerging Leader Program in Oral Rehabilitation. This 2-year expert and opinion leader development program in oral rehabilitation gives experienced clinicians and national speakers an opportunity to become the next generation of experts in our field. We are excited to have you here so you can see how the program evolves and our leaders in action. The program is currently running in Europe and North America with plans to extend to other regions. Be on the look-out for news of when the call for applications for the next edition will open, we are currently running the current edition of the program until the end of 2023. More news to come in 2023 about future editions and call for applications.

FOR is bringing education, science, humanity, and leadership to implant dentistry

The Program

Our Vision

Our vision is to develop the next generation of experts in the field of Oral Rehabilitation:
  • Enable aspiring clinicians in oral rehabilitation to become recognized experts
  • Develop an international network of recognized professionals in the field
  • Empower emerging leaders to become FOR Fellows and FOR Experts

THE Benefits

Provide emerging leaders with coaching and mentoring opportunities:


The program aims to help emerging leaders:
  • Further establish their profile as a leading dental expert and grow their professional network internationally

  • Enhance their presentation skills online and on-stage

  • Extend their clinical expertise in varied advanced treatment concepts

  • Become a key part of a renowned, global, online dental community

  • Develop professionally through mentoring and by mentoring other clinicians

  • Present and publish clinical cases, treatment strategies, and clinical evidence

  • Become an international ambassador and FOR expert

The Three Pillars of the Program

Stage Presence ELP
Stage Presence

Top executive coaching and feedback on your own lectures and webinars

Research Oral Implantology.jpg
Research and Publications

Scientific publications workshop: writing and editing manuscripts, abstracts & posters, visualization of clinical data, high impact case reports & video. 

Clinical excellence
Clinical Excellence

Individual training on advanced implant-based restorative treatment concepts at a renowned training centers to develop clinical expertise.

Our Leaders and the Emerging Leader Council

Our EMERGING Leaders

We are excited to present you with the FOR Emerging Leaders in Oral Rehabilitation of the 2021-2023 edition. You can take a look at their biographies and come back to this space to see their achievements.

See the Emerging Leaders and their work

Our Emerging Leader Council guiding our program

Focused on the identifying and developing future leaders, the FOR Emerging Leader Council strives to ensure the creation of an international scholarly community in oral rehabilitation.

Emerging Leader Council Co-Chair, FOR Board of Trustees
Emerging Leader Council Co-Chair

The Emerging Leader Program Phases

Program Timeline

The program spans over the course of 2 years and is organized in 4 phases from program set-up, application and candidate selection, moving into the practical work phase and concluding with a certification phase.

2022: Q1 & Q2

  • Jan 26: Program Kick-off
  • April 28, 29, and May 3: Mastering High-Impact Communications (Module 1)
  • June 23 - 25: FOR Board of Trustees meeting & Mastering High-Impact Communications (Module 2)


Emerging leader starting phase

2022: Q3 & Q4

  • Ongoing: First clinical residency (scheduled on a case-by-case basis)
  • Sept 7: Workshop in Digital Photography and Videography (Vienna)
  • Sept 7 - 10: Envista Summit - Main stage presentations and workshops that the Emerging Leaders will support
  • Sept 29 - Oct 1: EAO Meeting 2022 (Geneva) - No ELP activities, only ad-hoc
  • Nov/Dec (TBC): 2022 year-end meeting
Emerging leader ramp-up

2023: Q1&Q2

  • Feb 23 - 25: Envista Summit Las Vegas
  • Mar 16 - 18: AO meeting (Phoenix)
  • May 10 - 13: Envista Summit Dubai & FOR 10-year anniversary
  • Jan - Dec: 2nd clinical residency (scheduled on a case-by-case basis)
FORward Program: Ongoing Phase

2023: Q3&Q4

  • Sept (TBC): Clinical research workshop
  • Sept 28 - 30: EAO meeting 2023 (Berlin)
  • Nov/Dec (TBC): Program close meeting
Emerging leader final year

To the Emerging Leader Program Details

If you want to learn more about the program activities and logistics, including types of program events, cost, and time requirements you can read about these on the program details page.

To the Program Details