Resources for starters

If you are considering adding dental implants to your practice, or you wish to ‘brush-up’ on your skills, this content is for you! We have reviewed all the content on and we’ve identified material that covers many of the fundamentals of implant diagnosis, placement, restoration and after care.

Adding Dental Implants to Your Practice

Adding dental implants to your practice involves clinical preparation, staff training and business planning.


eBook Ch 1: The benefits of single tooth implants

eBook Ch 2: Evidence Regarding Treatment Outcomes and Complications

Expert Video: Neo Tee Khin: How to build a successful implant practice

Expert Video: Kenji Higuchi: Applying effective interviewing skills to uncover patient expectations

Seattle Study Club: Kirk Behrendt. The Power of Systems

Osseointegration and Biomechanics

Mechanical and biological considerations are a critical part of treatment planning. This section discusses how the bone and soft tissue respond, as well as basic mechanics.


a) Options for replacement of a single missing tooth

Consensus Conf: Patient information on treatment alternatives for missing single teeth – Systematic review (pdf)


b) Biomechanics and occlusion

eBook Ch 5: Bone: Physiology

eBook Ch 7: Biomechanics of The Single Implant

Expert Video: Jill Helms & John Brunski: The biomechanics of immediate function. An up-to-date analysis of how forces impact living bone around implants


c) Factors influencing lifelong osseointegration

eBook Ch 6: Dental Implant Systems: Materials, Surfaces, And the Role of The Wound Healing Cascade

Expert Video: Peter Schüpbach: The biodynamics of osseointegration - facts and clinical implications

Expert Video: Christer Dahlin: Hard and soft tissue integration - where do we stand today and what will be the future?

Expert Video: Torsten Jemt: Long-term experience of single-tooth implant restorations

Expert Video: Roland Glauser: Long-term perspective of implant treatment - what's key to success?

Expert Video: delayed placement for anterior and posterior single tooth sites, are there any differences?


Guidelines and tips for patient evaluation in preparation for diagnosis.


a) Patient Evaluation

- Checklist: Patient Status Profile (PDF)

eBook Ch 3: Diagnosis and Treatment Planning for Single Implants and Their Restorations

- Treatment Guidelines: Patient Assessment


b) Radiographic Evaluation

- Treatment Guidelines: Diagnostics


c) Imaging

Expert Video: Ernest Lam: Current trends & future developments in imaging.

Expert Video: Andrew Dawood: Impact of imaging on treatment planning.

- eConsensus Paper: Horner K, Shelley AM. Preoperative radiological evaluation of missing single teeth: A review. Eur J Oral Implantol 2016;9(Suppl1):S69–S88


d) Indications and contraindications for dental implants

Expert Video: Roland Glauser: Maximizing treatment outcomes for immediate implants using digital tools.


e) Advanced

 - Expert Video: Sreenivas Koka: Systemic considerations in the context of osseointegration.

Surgical Placement of Implants

Preparation for implant placement and considerations for anterior and posterior placement, including immediate implant placement.


a) Preparation and overview

- Checklist: Patient Pre-Operative Steps

- Checklist: Stock and Materials Control

- Checklist: OR Setup

- Treatment Guidelines: Treatment Procedures

- eBook Ch 13: Surgical Guidelines for Placing Single Implants


b) Anterior

- Expert Video: Francisco Fernando Todescan: Single tooth replacement in the aesthetic zone

- Expert Video: Alfred Lau: Immediate implants in the esthetic zone - keys to success

- Expert Video: Patrick Palacci: Why use narrow implants?

- Expert Video: Joseph Kan: Immediate placement and immediate provisionalization in the esthetic zone (2 parts)

- Patient Case: Single tooth extraction and implant rehabilitation

- Patient Case: Replacement of fractured maxillary central incisor

- Patient Case: Extraction and replacement of maxillary central incisors

- Patient Case: Implant- and tooth-supported central incisor crowns

- Patient Case: Single anterior tooth replacement

- Patient Case: Multi-disciplinary rehabilitation of an agenesic upper lateral incisor


c) Anterior Advanced

- Expert Video: Giovanni Polizzi: Innovative implant concepts for limited space situations in the anterior region

- Patient Case: Successful esthetic implant therapy in site of past failure


d) Posterior

- Expert Video: Joseph Kan: The science and biology of immediate implant placement and tooth rehabilitation in anterior region

- Expert Video: Keng Mun Wong: Considerations for posterior implant restorations


e) Posterior Advanced

- Expert Video: Hadi Antoun: Is it reasonable to extract and place implants immediately in the molar area


f) Immediate Placement

- eBook Ch 14: Immediate Implant Placement: a Clinical Update

- Expert Video: David Gelb: A clinically documented protocol for immediate implant placement and loading

- Expert Video: Joseph Kan: Evidence-based immediate tooth replacement

- Expert Video: David Gelb: Long term results and unique benefits with immediate implants

- Expert Video: Joseph Kan: The science and biology of immediate implant and tooth replacement

- Expert Video: Tristan Staas: Immediate placement - unbelievable or unpredictable?

- Expert Video: Peter Wöhrle: Screw-retained provisionalization on the day of surgery – “shorter time to teeth”

- Patient Case: Immediate implant placement with a screw-retained restoration using the angulated screw channel abutment

- Patient Case: Implant placement in a patient with congenitally missing upper lateral incisors

- Patient Case: Early implant placement following single tooth extraction in the esthetic zone

- eBook Ch 16: Peri-Implant Tissue Preservation With Immediate Implant Placement and Provisionalization

- Consensus Conf: Weigl P, Strangio A. The impact of immediately placed and restored single-tooth implants on hard and soft tissues in the anterior maxilla. Eur J Oral Implantol 2016;9(Suppl1):S89–S106.

- Consensus Conf: Lars Schropp L, Ann Wenzel A. Timing of single implant placement and long-term observation of marginal bone levels. Eur J Oral Implantol 2016;9(Suppl1):S107–S122.

- Checklist: Clinical Post-Operative Steps

- Checklist: Administrative Post-Operative Steps

- Checklist: Close OR

- ePaper: Nerve Injury


g) Immediate Placement Advanced

- Expert Video: Jill Helms & John Brunski: The biomechanics of immediate function. An up-to-date analysis of how forces impact living bone around implants

Guided Surgery

Guided Surgery shortens surgery time and improves accuracy, anatomical knowledge and pre-planning are essential.


a) Introduction to Computer Guided Surgery

eBook Ch 10: Computer-Guided Implant Surgery

Expert Video: Joannis Katsoulis: Accuracy of guided surgery.

Expert Video: Philippe Russe: Explore the advantages of guided surgery for narrow spaces.

Expert Video: George Duello: From concept to clinical reality - how standard workflows lead to patient satisfaction.

Expert Video: Leon Pariente: New trends in implantology. The digital generation.

Consensus Conf: Guided surgery with tooth-supported templates for single missing teeth: A critical review. Eur J Oral Implantol 2016;9(Suppl1):S135–S153.


b) Advanced

Expert Video: Gary Orentlicher: Optimize planning and treatment with CBCT and NobelClinician®

Expert Video: Peter Wöhrle: Integrated treatment flow.

Soft Tissue Management & Bone Augmentation

Soft tissue and bone deficits are often part of the implant treatment. See how to diagnose and treat these defects.


a) Soft Tissue Management

Patient Case: A novel approach for soft tissue management in the anterior region.

Expert Video: Charles Goodacre: The impact of cervical contour, marginal fit, and surface smoothness on peri-implant mucosa.

Expert Video: France Lambert & Eric Rompen: Proper soft tissue handling to improve the outcome of implant restorations.

Expert Video: Oscar González-Martín: The influence of the provisional restoration design on final aesthetics.


b) Bone Augmentation

Patient Case: Implant placement and guided bone regeneration in the anterior area of the mandible.

Expert Video: Christer Dahlin: Site preservation and site build-up.

eBook Ch 9: Grafting Alveolar Defects Prior To Implant Placement

Consensus Conf: Bone augmentation for single tooth implants: A review of the literature.


c) Advanced

Expert video: Mariano Sanz: Soft tissue management as critical success factor in implant based restorations.

Implant Prosthetics

Prosthetics are the visible result of implant placement. Use of properly fitting components and biocompatible materials contribute to improved long-term restorative success.


a) Fundamentals of Prosthetics

eBook Ch 17: Restoration of The Single Implant

eBook Ch 4: Soft Tissue-To-Implant Interface: Structure and Factors Affecting This Relationship

Expert Video: Tristan Staas, Michiel Wouters: Custom esthetics powered by NobelProcera.

Expert Video: Chandur Wadhwani: Restorative-driven implant health – what you need to know. Healing abutment to final restoration.

Expert Video: Peter Schüpbach: Peri-implant soft tissues: healing, structures, new materials, clinical impact.

Expert Video: Eric Rompen: How to optimize transmucosal health and maintain tissues in the posterior region.

Expert Video: Bernard Touati: Anterior implant esthetics - optimal soft tissue integration.

Expert Video: Peter Woehrle: Esthetics and soft tissue health around implants-outcomes for long-term predictability.


b) Laboratory techniques and procedures

Expert Video: Patrick Rutten: Digital workflow in the dental laboratory.

Expert Video: Conrad Rendsburg: The future is now - the collaborative team approach.


c) Advanced Laboratory techniques and procedures

Expert Video: Iñaki Gamborena: Esthetics in the anterior region.


d) Provisionals

Expert Video: Daniel Fang: Implant provisional restorations.

Expert Video: Oscar González-Martín: The influence of the provisional restoration design on final aesthetics.


e) Cement vs. screw retained restorations

Expert Video: David Dunn: Why should we screw-retain?

Expert Video: Chandur Wadhwani: The impact of cement, its techniques and protocols for long term outcomes.

Expert Video: Chandur Wadhwani: How does cementation of implant restorations impact osseointegration?

Expert Video: Eiric Salvesen: Bringing together new product innovations in a cement-free posterior solution.


f) Anterior Prosthetics

Expert Video: Bernard Touati: Anterior implant esthetics - optimal soft tissue integration.

Expert Video: Markus Blatz: Prosthetic parameters and materials for anterior implant esthetics.

Patient Case: Single implant crown adjacent to metal-ceramic crowns.

Patient Case: Single maxillary implant and crown with pink cervical porcelain.

Patient Case: Single implant and crown to replace primary lateral incisor.

Patient Case: Maxillary central incisor all-ceramic crown and ceramic abutment.

Patient Case: Delayed implant placement with immediate provisionalization in the esthetic zone.

Consensus Conf: Single implant and crown versus fixed partial denture: A cost-benefit, patient-centered analysis.

8) Complications

Thorough planning and careful preparation are key to minimizing complications.


eBook Ch 2 Evidence Regarding Treatment Outcomes and Complications with Single-Tooth Implants

Expert Video: David Chvartszaid: Distinction between normality and pathology of marginal bone around oral implants.

Expert Video: Paul Rosen: Factors associated with peri-implant bone loss.

Expert Video: Sreenivas Koka: Peri-implantitis: Truths and Myths.

Expert Video: Chandur Wadhwani: Implants, cement and peri-implantitis - science and the missing link.

Expert Video: Egon Euwe: A failing implant in the esthetic zone. A red flag in the learning curve.

ePaper: Nerve Injury

Recall and Maintenance

Like natural teeth, implants need regular maintenance for the life of the patient.


eBook Ch 15 Single-Tooth Implant Oral Hygiene Maintenance

- Treatment Guidelines: Aftercare