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“The formulation of the problem is often more essential than its solution (...)”: Albert Einstein, Physicist
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The impact of edentulism and the benefits of a complete arch fixed rehabilitation

Key points

  • The percentage of edentulous patients varies in different regions of the world
  • The total edentulous population continues to expand with the growth of the global aged population
  • Edentulism impacts the anatomy, physiology and quality of life
  • Edentulism is one of the most neglected global health challenges


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Dentium implant use for all on four

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21.02.2020 | 06:23

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the quality of the material and the  precition of the elaboration ussually is no a problem to develop one technique... but you have to know if they have the specific abutments to elaborate youre plan. ussually the multiunit in necesary to correct the discrepancies of the angulation