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Clinical approaches to the All-on-4® treatment concept
"A good surgeon doesn't just concentrate on technical ability, but also on the appropriateness of what you're doing"
Ben Carson, Neurosurgeon
Online course

Surgery day: three different surgical approaches

Key points

  • The type of surgical approach is defined in the treatment planning phase
  • Freehand surgery with full flap elevation allows full visualization of the surgical site and the bone
  • The fully guided surgical approach is flapless and is therefore less invasive
  • When alveolectomy is required a full flap surgery is the preferred choice
  • Evidence-based clinical data shows the average deviation from the treatment plan was significantly less when guided or navigated surgery is used


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asked by Akeel Al-Dabboos

Bone ditching distally

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In fully guided approach. How can we ditch distal to the angled implant to insure full insertion of the angled MUA?  Thanks
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asked by Athulya P vijayan

How to make this template?

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What all things we have to be considered while making this template?