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Knowledge Check
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Knowledge check

Question 1

The maxilla resorbs in a centripetal direction (toward the center of the jaw or medialward), whereas the mandible resorbs in a centrifugal direction (away from the center of the jaw).

Question 2

The All-on-4® is a prosthetically driven treatment concept. The diagnostic parameters to look at to decide if a patient is a candidate for this treatment are: Incisal edge position, Restorative space, Lip support, Smile line and lip length, contours and emergence, appropriate tissue contact and appropriate occlusal contact.

Question 3

The diagnosis and treatment planning for implant fixed complete dentures begins with a detailed assessment of each patient’s medical history and chief concerns.

Question 4

According to the MALO CLINIC Protocol, which of the following are suitable the solution for an edentulous maxilla based on bone volume?

Question 5

The use of bicortical anchorage is based on which one of the following reasons?

Question 6

A full flap freehand surgery is the best solution in which of the following clinical situations?

Question 7

The provisional prosthesis is fabricated by either extensively modifying the patient’s existing complete denture or using a prefabricated prosthesis, so it attaches to the multi-unit abutments using metal temporary abutments with their incorporated screw retention.

Question 8

If normal healing is observed schedule recalls 3 times, the first 10 days after surgery, 2 & 6 months post-op.

Question 9

The MALO CLINIC Bridge is made of acrylic, Chromium-Cobalt alloy and ceramic.

Question 10

The risk assessment tool is designed to help clinicians predict the risk of peri-implant pathology up to 5 years post-surgery and provide recall regimen recommendations for a particular case.