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Intraoral view of initial situation. Tooth loss #11 and #21 FDI (#8 and #9 US) due to a car accident.
Orthodontic treatment was used to provide proper spacing for the two provisional pontics.
Occlusal view of the installed NobelActive implants  and the amount of the connective tissue graft.
The cervical contour of the zirconia implant crown on tooth #11 FDI (#8 US) needs to be corrected so the finish line is located subgingivally due to a visible supra-gingival position.
After screwing the ASC implant crowns in the patient‘s mouth using the Omnigrip screw driver, the cervical part of the crown fits nicely with the soft tissue. Since zirconia is a biocompatible material, it is recommended for transmucosal soft-tissue adhesion.
Patient cases:
Multi-unit restorations

The Angulated Screw Channel (ASC) System for Replacement of Two Maxillary Central Incisors

Luc Rutten


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asked by Sorin Muntean

Access hole closure?

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Very nice work! Was the access hole closed with composite or the full porcelain crown was cemented over implant zirconia abutment? A finish line is present lingually but a lingual undercut was present too. If you can clarify, thank you!   
24.09.2018 | 04:13

In reply to by Sorin Muntean

With the Nobel ASC product the final is one piece - there is no cement. The Omni grip screw mechanically retains the abutment/crown and the insert into the implant.   Read more here- Hope that helps! also screw access hole filled w Teflon tape and composite most likely 
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asked by Anonymous

its nice would you please tell me after construction of crown

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its nice would you please tell me after construction of crown what parameter of occlusion must be included  

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