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Occlusal view to evaluate the parallelism of the implant position of the central incisors. The implant sent was positioned 3 mm deeper than the buccal gingival margin.
Lateral view of the final restorations.
Superposition of the periapical x-ray according to the final intraoral picture.
Intraoral follow up of the crowns over implant.
Patient cases:
Multi-unit restorations

Immediate Implant Placement and Provisionalization of the central incisors

Tristan Staas

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FOR Symposium: To graft or not to graft

Dr Ana Ferro, Dr Edith Groenendijk and Dr Tara Aghaloo discuss the question "To graft or not to graft". Which situations can benefit from a grafting procedure? The experts discuss indications in depth, review clinical cases and the clinical evidence to answer this key question. 

Bone grafting and regeneration
Immediate implant placement


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14.05.2021 | 09:53

Excellent work! Is this bone substitute material,bio oss ? did u use bio gide and did you augment the soft tissue? Thanks 

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