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Frontal view of the extended edentulous area.........
Panoramic radiograph. Not much valuable information can be obtained from this radiograph in the hands of the patient.
Soft tissue situation at prosthesis removal to take the impression.
Panoramic radiograph at delivery of the definitive prosthesis.
Frontal view of the definitive prosthesis at time of delivery.
Patient cases:
Multi-unit restorations
(Maxilla / Anterior)

Immediate placement and loading in the anterior maxilla

Mithridade Davarpanah


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Team members

Szmukler-Moncler Serge
DDS; PhD, Scientist
Rajzbaum Philippe
DDS, PhD, Prosthodontist
Capelle-Ouadah Nedjoua
DDS, Clinical Monitor
Demurashvili Georgy
DDS, Surgeon
Davarpanah Keyvan
DDS, Prosthodontist