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Occlusal view of the right deciduous canine.
Panoramic view of the impacted canines.
Overcontouring of the site with BioOss before suturing the surgical site.
Gingival situation at removal of the temporary crown.
Smile of the patient with her definitive implant-supported crowns.
Patient cases:
Single-unit restorations
(Maxilla / Anterior)

Implant placement through an impacted canine

Mithridade Davarpanah


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asked by Francisco Romero

So, what is it expected to happen with periodontal canines' ligament and pulp?? ankylosis or degeneration??

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Congrats! Very good job, brilliant conservative approaching,......although my concern will be regarding infection from canines' either pulp or PDL or ..... any further pathological development from them, for instance; residual cyst?? Thank you very much for sharing it, I do really like this case. Franco
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asked by Alberto Miselli

Do you have a post Qx cbct?

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