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Facial analysis, all present permanent teeth fully erupted. Time to start preprosthetic orthodontic treatment.
Patient 15-years old. Result of preprosthetic orthodontic space opening position position #12 and #22 FDI (#7 and #10 US) and opening of substantial vertical overlap (overbite), prior to bonding of orthodontic prostheses. Acrylic pontics in position position #12 and #22 FDI (#7 and #10 US).
Frontal view of the resin-bonded fixed partial denture used as a provisional solution from 15-19 years age.
Occlusal view of impression copings. Shows position and tilting of implants in bucco-palatal direction.
Intraoral view, 12 months follow-up.
Patient cases:
Multi-unit restorations
(Maxilla / Anterior)

Multidisciplinary treatment of congenitally missing maxillary lateral incisors.

Nicole Winitsky


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04.01.2022 | 16:49

Was reduction needed for the resin-bonded fpd?

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