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The patient presented with a missing upper lateral incisor. The hard and soft tissues had collapsed vertically and horizontally and needed to be reconstructed for improved aesthetic treatment results.
After 12 weeks, the slim healing abutment was removed and replaced by a regular healing abutment in order to prepare the emergence profile for the final restoration.
Frontal view of the final crown at the moment of placement (18 weeks after implant placement). Note the natural integration of the crown with the soft tissues, and the harmony of the final crown with the adjacent teeth.
Frontal view of final crown at the moment of placement. The patient was very satisfied with the aesthetic treatment outcome.
Patient cases:
Single-unit restorations
(Maxilla / Anterior)

A novel approach for soft tissue management in the anterior region

David Garcia Baeza


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22.12.2019 | 19:20

It's a nice work, even if the papilla doesn't fill entirely the embrasure space ;-)

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