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Intra-oral frontal view. The patient presented a severe anterior open bite in centric occlusion. A posterior crossbite was present on the right side. Additionally, there was tooth angular discrepancy on the anterior teeth.
Intraoral frontal photograph on the day that fixed orthodontic appliances were placed. Damon System 2 braces were used with 0.014 copper NiTi round arch for both upper and lower arches. This orthodontic system uses passive self-ligating braces (using a 'sliding door' system as opposed to elastics to bond the arch and braces), designed to reduce friction from the braces on the orthodontic wire, promoting faster tooth movements with smaller forces.
Intra-oral frontal view post-treatment. Note the open bite had been corrected and the teeth had been aligned.
Patient cases:
Complete-arch treatments

Orthognathic bimaxillary surgery including orthodontic alignment to correct dento-facial features

Gerardo M. Martínez-Cabruja


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