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Patient 18 years old.  Orthodontic prostheses removed. #11 and #21 FDI (#8 and #9 US) composite build-ups, elongated. Occlusion only on permanent molars. Patient considered fully somatically grown and mentally ready for implant treatment.
Post extraction upper of primary teeth.  Deep bite- small vertical space. #11 and #21 FDI (#8 and #9 US) elongated in combination with growth of the premaxilla.
Clinical result. Black triangle between #11 and #21 FDI (#8 and #9 US) not possible to get rid of due to a defect in the gingiva. Titanium visible above the mucosa in position #13 #14 FDI (#6, #5 US) and #23 FDI (#6 US).
Clinical result. The patients low lip line hides: Black triangle between #11 and #21 FDI (#8 and #9 US), supra mucosal titanium abutments, grey shading on the buccal mucosa.
Patient cases:
Multi-unit restorations

Screw retained fixed partial restorations over implants in a young patient diagnosed with Ectodermal Dysplasia.

Nicole Winitsky


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18.11.2018 | 13:16

wonderful case .... what was the plan for lower arch ? and was there any marginal bone loss on the rigth side ? thanx

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Thank you for your question and I am glad you liked the case. The plan for the lower arch is not decided yet. The options are either distsl onlays and a frontal bridge or distal onlays and frontal Implants. I get mixed messages from the surgeons if it is possible to bone augment the thin, compact bone in the anterior mandibulae or not. 

Which part of the right side to you refer to when you ask about the marginal bone loss?

Best regards,


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16.06.2019 | 06:38

Great work mam.. I am a prosthetic residents I too have a case like this.. I will try to follow as you did in this case..

The patient can't afford for full arch.. 

I will also try to do only maxilla like you mam!  Thank you!  

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The patient can't afford for full arch.. 

I will also try to do only maxilla like you mam!  Thank you!  

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