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EAO2023 All-on-4 Clinical 1200

All-on-4 concept using TiUltra surface implants and Multi-unit Xeal abutments: Report on the outcomes between 6 to 36 months


Department of Oral Surgery, MALO CLINIC, Lisbon, Portugal
Department of Research, Development, and Education, MALO CLINIC, Lisbon, Portugal

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Scientific articles

Evaluation of anodized surfaces for improved soft tissue integration

In this work the effect of surface anodization on soft tissue integration was evaluated by comparing anodized (Xeal™) and machined surface titanium discs as culture substrates for human gingival epithelial cells (HGEPp) and primary human gingival fibroblasts (HFIB-G). HFIB-G cells...

Soft tissue management

Online Course

Full Arch Rehabilitation All-on-4 Online Course

This online course will provide you with the theoretical knowledge of All-on-4 treatment concept to prepare you for a more practical hands-on approach and mastering the clinical skills. Convenient online learning, allows you to learn at a pace that suits your busy professional schedule. Benefit from interactive Q&A with the masters. FOR designates this course for 8 CE credits. The course is available to residents of the United States, EU Countries, the United Kingdom, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Austrailia, New Zealand and Japan. Price: $249 USD


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