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Soft tissue augmentation with a collagen-based 3D matrix with directed pore channels

Autologous soft tissue grafts are common but pose several disadvantages, including the need for multiple surgical sites, postsurgical discomfort, and limited tissue volumes, which has led to the development of alternatives. This retrospective study evaluated clinical performance of a porcine-derived native collagen-elastin-based three-dimensional matrix with a modified interconnecting pore structure, creosTM mucogain, used for soft tissue volume augmentation at 50 single implant sites in 45 patients.

With a follow-up of up to 4.5 years, creosTM mucogain has shown to promote soft tissue health and maintain adequate soft tissue thickness when used simultaneously with implant placement, while the histological findings have demonstrated excellent biocompatibility and indicate this matrix as a valid alternative to autologous grafts.


Presented at the 2019 EAO congress in Lisbon, Portugal.


1. 3D matrices are a viable alternative to autologous grafts in soft tissue augmentation.

2. creosTM mucogain 3D matrix maintains stable soft tissue volume around augmented implant sites and is associated with a very low exposure rate of 4%.



Bouke Boekema