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Video Highlights

  • Classification and analysis of implant failures
  • Designing for Life - Improving the patient journey in refined protocols general session
  • Nobel Biocare New York Symposium 2016


The compromised jaw bone is mainly discussed in terms of expected problems and failures in relation to oral implant treatment. Rightly so, but it should be defined on various levels, implying:

-Interfering with the implant placement procedure, thus presenting with poor bone volume, poor bone texture, etc

-Interfering with achievement of osseointegration, thus presenting with latent infections, systemic bone diseases, etc

-Interfering with maintenance of osseointegration, thus presenting with peri-implantitis, overload, etc


The various implications will be exemplified and discussed in terms of how to overcome some of them, but also to clarify their impact on treatment prognosis.



Dr. Bertil Friberg received the DDS degree in 1975 from the University of Gothenburg. In 1986 he joined the Brånemark Clinic in Gothenburg, where he is currently Associate Professor and Co-Chairman. He received a master's degree in dental science from the University of Gotheburg in 1994, a doctorate in odontology in 1999 and is a board-certified specialist in oral and maxillofacial surgery. He was appointed Visiting Professor at Siena University in 2004. He has given more than 1000 national and international presentations on the Brånemark System, and has published over 60 scientific papers.


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