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Digital Innovation to Achieve Better Results

Video highlights

  • The digital workflow
  • How to collect the relevant data
  • How to combine and utilize the available data

Additional resources



Biologically driven innovations for immediate and long-term success - rehabilitation of atrophic jaws with tilted implants

In the first presentation during the EAO 2022 session, Prof. Enrico Agliardi presents the All-on-4 treatment concept applied for complex cases and shares take-home messages for the successful execution of the protocol.

Edentulous rehabilitation
Diagnosis & treatment planning
Edentulous treatments


Abutment Macro and Micro-design for the Improvement of the Soft Tissue Interface

During part two of this series on Biologically driven innovations for immediate and long-term success, Dr. Juan Mesquida discusses innovations that play a role in the health of soft tissue and bone retention surrounding implants.


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