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Giovanni Polizzi: Innovative implant concepts for limited space situations in the anterior region

Video highlights

  • Management of narrow mesio-distal spaces
  • Diagnostics & treatment planning
  • Minimally invasive surgery
  • Loading protocols
  • Soft tissue management
  • Esthetics

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Scientific posters

Clinical study: immediate loading of narrow implants over 5 years

Narrow diameter tapered implants are frequently used to replace missing incisors because they fit between adjacent natural tooth roots and are well-suited for an optimized emergence profile. This clinical study published at EAO 2021 evaluates immediate loading of 3.0 mm narrow...

Anterior implants
Anterior implants


Philippe Russe: Explore the advantages of guided surgery for narrow spaces

Narrow spaces, especially in the aesthetic zone, have always been challenging for implant placement. Anatomic hard tissue reconstruction before implant placement is a pre-requisite in case of deficiency. At the time of implant placement, surgical guides in the past were not adapted...

Digital workflow
Guided Surgery
Anterior implants


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