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FOR humanitarian project (Rapa Nui): FOR helps to return the smile and joy of life to edentulous population on Easter Island

The Foundation of Oral Rehabilitation (FOR) together with Drs. Kenji Higuchi and Ruben Rosenberg have realized a unique humanitarian mission in Rapa Nui.


Rapa Nui (also known as Easter Island) is one of the most isolated inhabited islands in the world with a population of approximately 8000 inhabitants. Due to the existence of only one resident dentist, who’s facing insufficient resources and severe financial restrictions, the community is left with limited dental care options. This situation has led to “… a lot of extraction procedures…” over “a long period of time…” says Dr. Rosenberg, a Chilean dentist and expert for edentulous treatments, who has a long-lasting relationship to the island.

Dr. Rosenberg suggested the possibility of bringing the benefits of the Trefoil™ system, an edentulous treatment concept invented by Dr. Higuchi, to the inhabitants of Easter Island. Dr. Rosenberg and Dr. Higuchi initiated this inspiring FOR project to treat eleven patients suffering from mandibular edentulism within one week. See what was done so far...


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asked by José antonio Sánchez caballo

Why trefoil and no NOVUM sistem it is the same

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Hi , my name  is Jose antonio Sanchez caballo  , I would like to make a question , which the advantage of this technique with respect NOVUM sistem which was in disuse thank you