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FOR humanitarian project (Rapa Nui): Why the Trefoil system was chosen - Part II

FOR has supported Drs. Kenji Higuchi and Ruben Rosenberg in a humanitarian project in which 11 Rapa Nui natives suffering from mandibular edentulism were successfully treated with the innovative Trefoil system.

Rapa Nui is one of the most isolated inhabited islands in the world. Home to a population of 7,700, the community is served by just one resident dentist. When in need of dental care, many members of the community are faced with limited resources and severe financial restrictions. 

FOR Expert network member, Dr. Kenji Higuchi, states what motivated him to use the Trefoil system for this inspiring humanitarian FOR project: 
“The Trefoil system is a solution for the edentulous mandible or a lower jaw with failing dentition. A definitive full-arch prosthesis with passive fit can be provided on the same day of surgery or within a few days, by using a cost-effective clinical protocol and an adjustable titanium alloy framework.  For any humanitarian mission, time, cost and predictable quality care are critical elements for success.”  
Find out more about the benefits that the Trefoil system provided in this FOR humanitarian project. Like this post by clicking on the button below:


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asked by Milind Saudagar

Very nice initiative by Nobel Biocare. We really appreciate the effort. Just a small question, we have similar populations in In

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  1. We have similar populations in India. How can we do the same projects considering financial aspects.