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Live Surgery - Regeneration of the Ridge in Vertical and Horizontal Dimensions

Video highlights

  • Planning the wound closure is required when planning the access to the augmentation site
  • The importance of soft tissue for a successful bone regeneration
  • Demonstration of application of a titanium mesh for vertical and horizontal augmentation
  • Applying bone growth factor rhBMP-2 for predictable regeneration
  • Closing of a large augmentation site

Additional resources



Jay Malmquist: Surgical augmentation prior to implant placement. An outdated strategy?

“In spite of refinements of the surgical techniques and increased sophistication of prosthetic reconstructions, there are limits to what can be achieved with a prosthesis anchored in limited basal jawbone.” PI Branemark. 


This presentation will address the following questions: What...

Edentulous treatments
Implants in compromised sites
Bone grafting and regeneration


Jay Malmquist: Biologic principles for tissue regeneration that must be considered in treatment planning

A guided pathway to success for regenerative solutions must utilize basic biological principles of wound healing and the inflammatory response. Basic principles of biology must not be violated when attempting to replace tissue defects. These principles such as wound healing...

Bone grafting and regeneration


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