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Live Surgery - Removal of Mesh and Placement of Implants

Video highlights

  • Evaluation of gained bone volume using BMP2 proteins
  • Removal of titanium mesh
  • Placement of implants in the anterior region using a surgical guide

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Live Surgery - Regeneration of the Ridge in Vertical and Horizontal Dimensions

During this live surgery, Dr. Jay Malmquist and Dr. Michael Malmquist show from start to finish the techniques using bone proteins in conjunction with Titanium mesh to obtain an acceptable platform for future implant fixtures. 

Hard & soft tissue management
Bone grafting and regeneration
Anterior hard & soft tissue management


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28.08.2022 | 12:52

Is the use of BMP allowed in Europe?

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28.08.2022 | 13:51

About the guide...

Why not fully guided, sir?

Tkd in advance.

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Why not fully guided, sir? Tkd in advance.