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Video Highlights

  • Guided surgery for implant placement in narrow spaces
  • Nobel Biocare New York Symposium 2016
  • Design and engineering to optimize soft and hard tissue outcomes general session


Narrow spaces, especially in the aesthetic zone, have always been challenging for implant placement. Anatomic hard tissue reconstruction before implant placement is a pre-requisite in case of deficiency. At the time of implant placement, surgical guides in the past were not adapted to the limited dimensions of the narrow edentulous space. NobelClinician in combination with the pilot drill guide has made it possible to place implants with high precision in this very demanding indication.

Clinical evidence - The lecturer will focus on the improvement of the esthetic outcome when the space is limited and the surgical protocol has been adapted to meet the specific biotype. The experience is based on placement of 180 narrow NobelActive implants (diameter 3.0mm) and its outcomes reported in the study.


Dr. Phillipe Russe has been a dental surgeon since 1984 and started placing implants in 1988. Since then, he graduated from three university degree courses – in implant surgery and prosthetics at Paris 7 University, in biomaterials and calcified tissues from the University of Angers and in implant biomechanics from the University of Technology of Troyes. He is a member of the board of the French Association of lmplantologists and expert to the Court of Appeal of Reims, France. He is also a member of the board of the French Legal Experts in Dentistry. His lectures focus on advanced surgery such as original sinus elevation techniques, mandibular nerve repositioning and soft tissue management in the esthetic zone with reference to hard and soft tissue management. Dr. Russe's ongoing clinical studies are conducted on sinus reconstruction and the use of narrow implants in the esthetic zone with over 250 3.0 mm implants documented. Dr. Russe has authored numerous scientific articles and textbook chapters on advanced surgery cases and narrow diameter implants. His private practice in Reims is dedicated to implant surgery. As Director of the Reims Implant Institute (RIIR), Dr. Russ is dedicated to continuous education.


Clinical Themes

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