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Tilted Implants: the concept and the standard case

Video highlights

  • Treatment options for edentulous jaws
  • Review of the All-on-4 concept
  • Presentation of the V-II-V concept

Additional resources and courses

Live Course

Mastering atrophic jaw rehabilitation - Tilted implants from surgery to prosthesis.

Hands-on Course


Instructors: Prof. Enrico Agliardi, Dr. Matteo Clericó

Course date: Oct 27 - 29, 2022

Location: Milan, Italy

Course level: Advanced

Language: English



Treating complex cases with tilted implants

In the second part of the webinar series, Prof. Enrico Agliardi presents cases of high complexity and explains how he treats theses cases with tilted implants.

Edentulous treatments
Edentulous rehabilitation
Diagnosis & treatment planning


Treatment of the atrophic maxilla with soft bone - Immediate Function Episode 3

Paulo Malo, Enrico Agliardi and the expert panel discuss a patient with failing esthetics, failing teeth, and a failing prosthesis. Follow his comprehensive assessment and the surgical and prosthetic protocol to restore dignity, esthetics, and function. 

Edentulous rehabilitation
Implant prosthetics


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