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Periimplantitis 2
Assessment tool

Prognostic tool: Prediction of 1 year outcome after peri-implant disease

Question 1

Is your patient's implant site positive for peri-implant pathology, i.e. a diagnosis of peri-implantitis?

This tool should not be used to model the prognosis of your patient's implant. The risk assessment tool may be used to assess your patient's risk and plan maintenance to prevent peri-implant pathology, link here

Question 2

Question 3

Does the patient have a history of Periodontitis?

Question 4

Severe disease - Is the bone level of the implant site located on the implants' middle third?

Question 5

Early disease development – Was the implant inserted less than 4 years ago (< 4 years of follow-up)?

Question 6

Is the implant length longer than 13 mm?