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Single Tooth Implant Certificate Program

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      Single Tooth Implant Certificate

      Practice: Hands on

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      Single Tooth Implant Certificate

      Excel: Mentoring

Single Tooth Implant Certificate Program

The Foundation for Oral Rehabilitation is excited to offer its first CE credit program in Single Tooth Implant treatments.
This program has been developed by world-renowned experts in the field of dental implantology and prosthodontics.

Program Description




Theory of Single Tooth Implants Online Course

A theoretical review of the topic of single-tooth implants, concluding with a proctored / supervised exam.

Link to course objectives and further details.



Placement of Single Tooth Implants Hands-on Course

Hands-on course to transfer the theoretical knowledge into applicable skills.

Details coming soon.



Clinical Application of Single Tooth Implants - Mentoring

A unique Mentoring phase to support you during the first implant treatments.

Details coming soon.

Why do you need to join the Single Tooth Certificate program by Prof. Carlo Marinello

Theory of Single Tooth Implants Online Course

In the Theory of Single Tooth Implant Online Course, you will build a solid foundation of theoretical knowledge of key concepts and treatment methods for successful single-tooth implant placement procedures in modern dentistry.  The learning journey is straightforward and easily adaptable to your personal schedule. Here are some key facts to help you get started:

  • Phase one is fully on-line. You can complete the learning at your own pace. To maximize your progress, it is recommended you complete phase one within a period of 6 weeks.

  • The course uses a blended e-learning format, including reading materials, clinical videos, as well as some reference material.

  • To help you evaluate your progress and knowledge retention, some useful self-assessment questions are placed at the end of each chapter.

  • The program is concluded with a formal proctored on-line exam. You can access your video test center at your convenience from your own computer. 

  • Price, including the proctored exam: $488

  • 20 CE credits

Placement of Single Tooth Implants Hands-on Course

This comprehensive training program is designed for prosthetic clinicians and general practitioners who seek basic knowledge on implant surgical procedures in order to optimize communication with their surgeons. 

The second phase of the Single Tooth Implant Certificate program focuses on implant placement into healed sites and extraction sites. Participants will learn how to classify patient cases and develop a systematic approach to treatment planning. 

This course is designed for clinicians with basic experience in implant prosthetics and provides a straightforward introduction to implant therapy. Participants will gain valuable hands-on experience through practical exercises with bench models as well as treatment planning using actual patient cases. 

  • The hands-on course will be offered in locations in the east and west USA, Switzerland, Hong Kong, and the UK, depending on minimum enrollment.

  • Prerequisite: phase 1 of the program

  • Price: $833

  • 12 CE credits

Clinical Application of Single Tooth Implants

Mentoring is a unique feature of the FOR Single Tooth Implant Certificate program. It provides an opportunity to gain confidence in implant placement once you have completed your online learning and practiced during the hands-on phase. The mentoring is organized in small groups and can be done via online sessions. You will also have an opportunity to do a clinical observation in person at your mentor's practice. Our Expert Mentors will guide you through case selection, protocol, and implant placement. You’ll have the opportunity to discuss specific cases in small groups and to receive some case-specific advice from your Mentor. 

The Mentors would also guide you through the case submission process.

  • Prerequisite: phase 1 & 2 of the program

  • Price: $7388

  • 40 CE credits


This program was released on February 1, 2023. The program is open to healthcare professionals. To begin your learning journey, sign-up for the Theory of Single Tooth Implant Course by clicking my courses at the top of this page or register your interest by clicking this button, and we will contact you direclty.

This program is for you, if
  • You are a dental clinician, aiming to consolidate the knowledge and gain experience in implantology
  • You have an interest in extending your practice into the field of dental implantology
  • You are a student or a post-graduate student, wishing to supplement the curriculum by adding an in-depth focus in implantology
  • You have completed your studies of dentistry and have gained 3+ years of clinical experience   
  • You have a solid understanding of standard restorations of single teeth     


What will you gain?
  • Access to content developed by world-renowned experts in the field of dental implantology
  • Self-paced theory course. The Foundation for Oral Rehabilitation designates the online course for 20 continuing education hours (CE credits)
  • State-of-the-art Hands-on courses, choose a location convenient for you. The Foundation for Oral Rehabilitation designates the Hands-on course for 12 continuing education hours (CE credits)
  • A unique opportunity for mentoring, helping you to gain confidence in implant placement from one of our Experts, while sharing this experience with a small group of your peers.


Charles Goodacre Small

"Maintaining a high level of competence in dentistry requires knowledge and experience related to the clinical procedures and materials used in today’s practice. The single implant certificate program offers the opportunity for dentists to learn the most pertinent scientific information related to single implants and their restorations and document that knowledge by completing a written examination."

Dr. Charles Goodacre, Member of the FOR Board of Trustees, Co-Chair of the FOR Education Council

Jay Malmquist

"The single implant certificate program is based on a comprehensive eBook covering single implants and their restoration. The examination allows participants to validate their knowledge of the science and clinical procedures that form the foundation for treating patients who will benefit from single implants to replace missing teeth."

Dr. Jay Malmquist, The FOR Board of Trustees Chairman

Program Authors

FOR Education Council

Co-Chair of the FOR Education Council
Distinguished Professor in Implant Dentistry at Loma Linda University, California, USA. Dr. Goodacre is Diplomate and Past-President of the America Board of Prosthodontics, the American College of Prosthdontics, and the Academy of Prosthodontics. He maintains a private practice devoted to prosthodontics and implant dentistry.
Co-Chair of the FOR Education Council
Dr. Chow is a Specialist in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery. He also acts as the Managing Director of the Hong Kong Dental Implant & Maxillofacial Centre and is the founder of the Brånemark Osseointegration Center in Hong Kong & Shanghai . Dr. Chow is a Honorary Associate Clinical Professor of The University of Hong Kong.
FOR Education Council member
Prof. Marinello served at the University of Zürich as Assistant Professor and acting head of the Dental Public Health Clinic, Assistant Professor of the Department of Fixed and Removable Prosthodontics and Dental Material Sciences and Associate Professor and Head of Periodontology. He is a director of the Editorial Council of the Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry, responsible for strategy development for the journal.
FOR Education Council member
Dr. Tanner is a specialist in prosthodontics, founding partner of The Dawood and Tanner Specialist Dental Practice, Honorary Lecturer in Prosthodontics at Cardiff Dental School. Her clinical practice is primarily implant restoration of the atrophic jaw, and for patients requiring reconstruction on dental implants after Maxillofacial resection or trauma. She lectures internationally and champions mentorship in the UK in the subject of Restoration of Dental Implants.
FOR Education Council Member
Dr. Naylor retired from clinical practice in the U.S. Air Force Dental Corps after which he served as the Associate Dean for Advanced Education at the Loma Linda University School of Dentistry. Following his retirement from the latter position, he moved to Virginia (USA) where he continues to pursue his interests in writing and consulting.
FOR Education Council member
Dr. Wong won awards from the National University of Singapore for his outstanding performance: the FAC Oehlers Gold Medal and Terrell Silver Medal. Dr. Wong is the Chairman of T32 Dental Group Ltd in Singapore. His practice focuses in all areas of restorative care including aesthetic dentistry, full mouth reconstruction, fixed, removable and implant prosthodontics.
FOR Education Council Member
Dr. Feng Wang was graduated from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, School of Dentistry, China. She obtained her M.D. degree in Department of Oral Surgery. Currently, she is the Associated Professor of Department of Oral Implantology, Shanghai Ninth People’s Hospital, Shanghai Jiao Tong University.
FOR Education Council member
Priv.Doz. Dr. Bernhard Pommer has earned his PhD at Vienna Medical University, Austria, at King’s College London, UK and the University of California, San Francisco, USA. He runs a private practice in Vienna, focusing on oral surgery and implantology. His evidence-based treatment concept is based on over 200 publications in international journals.



Dr. Chow, Dr. Tanner disclose lecture/speaker honoraria from Nobel Biocare.

Dr. Goodacre discloses royalties from, Elsevier and Massad Enterprises. He is also an active Member of the FOR Board of Trustees.

Prof. Marinello discloses other financial or material support by Zirkonzahn.

Dr. Wong discloses lecture/speaker honoraria from Straumann.

Dr. Naylor, Dr. Wang have no relevant financial relationships to disclose.



Please note that this program is designed for dental clinicians. The acceptance into the program does not automatically confirm that the program participant has all the skills required to carry out the clinical procedure.