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Terms of Participation

Terms of Participation with the Foundation for Oral Rehabilitation (FOR)

  1. General

    FOR has created an internet platform (the “Platform”), which offers, inter alia, educational and scientific materials, information about activities of FOR and the scholarly community and access to publications of FOR. Limited access to the Platform content is available to any visitor of the FOR website.

    Full access to the Platform will be granted to those dental professionals who meet the criteria described below. Different statuses can apply to the dental professionals accessing the Platform in full.

    Group of Fellows
    1. Associate Fellows: this status is available to oral healthcare professionals with an active account, allowing them to access the full content published and regularly view the content in the pursuit of self-guided education on the Platform. Oral healthcare professionals who have achieved 10 learning sessions in a calendar year are awarded Associate Fellow status and may receive their membership certificate online after completing a self-declaration confirming the foregoing. Additionally, members must have subscribed to FOR for at least 4 months before a certificate will be awarded and complete a self-declaration confirming their eligibility. Membership certificates are available here for the current year starting April 1 and for the prior calendar year.
    2. Fellows: Fellowship selection is made from the Associate Fellowship group of persons who have held the Associate Fellow status for the two preceding years and is based on additional distinguishing criteria.

      To qualify as a Fellow, a person would have at least one of the following characteristics:
      i. Be a member of the FOR expert faculty
      ii. Published at least one article in a peer-reviewed journal related to the scientific or educational initiatives of FOR 
      iii. Participated in a FOR Consensus Conference 
      iv. Served as a contributor in a FOR eBook or Treatment Guideline 
      v. Served as a leader in a professional association since becoming a FOR Associate Fellow or during the preceding five years
      vi. Having served as a councilor in a Local Chapter of FOR
      vii. Presented at an Emerging Leaders Conference
      viii. Presented at a FOR meeting/symposium

      Fellow status is granted for three years and renewal is possible at the end of this period. Additionally, Members of the Board of Trustees, and former members of the Board of Trustees who continue to play an active role in FOR, will automatically become Fellows.
    3. Honorary Fellows: Honorary Fellowship may be conferred on any suitable person whose outstanding scholarly or professional accomplishments in any aspect of scientific or humanitarian endeavors deserve such recognition.

  2. Privacy Policy and Terms of Use of the Platform

    Any Associate Fellow, Fellow, and Honorary Fellow must comply with the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use of the Foundation’s Platform, whenever they use such Platform.

  3. Data protection

    An Associate Fellow, Fellow, or an Honorary Fellow needs to provide the Foundation with personal data, including his or her first and last name, email address, and more generally any information that identifies him or her (“Personal Data”). The Foundation uses the Personal Data to create the account, to communicate with him or her, and more generally to provide Associate Fellows, Fellows, and Honorary Fellows with services available through the Platform. The Foundation will store and process such Personal Data in accordance with the Platform’s Privacy Policy. The Foundation must collect and use such Personal Data in order to register Associate Fellows, Fellows and Honorary Fellows and grant access to the full features of the Platform. The Foundation implements all appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect Personal Data against accidental or unlawful destruction or accidental loss, alteration, unauthorized disclosure, or access for third parties and against other unlawful forms of processing. These measures will also be implemented by any processor of Personal Data authorized by the Foundation in accordance with the Platform’s Privacy Policy. Associate Fellow, Fellow, and Honorary Fellow have the right to access and rectify at any time their Personal Data collected by the Foundation or request their deletion, please contact
  4. Termination or Exclusion

    Any Associate Fellow, Fellow, or Honorary Fellow may terminate their participation at any time, with or without cause, via written notice to the Foundation ( Upon termination, all your Personal Data will be deleted from our servers. In addition, the Foundation may withdraw the Associate Fellow, Fellow, or Honorary Fellow status, if such a participant has acted materially against the interests or principles of the Foundation or has behaved inappropriately in a similar way. The Foundation reserves the right to exclude immediately and permanently any Associate Fellow, Fellow or Honorary Fellow from the Platform without notice in case of breach of the Terms of Use, the Privacy Policy or these Terms of Participation. FOR also reserves the rights to terminate the participation of Associate Fellow or Fellow if the conditions of access to the status are not met anymore.
  5. Notices

    All communication between Fellow Participants, Associate Fellows, Fellows, Honorary Fellows and the Foundation shall be sent to the following address: