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Think Bigger

September 2, 2022
Dr Ann Wei's view on why she joined the FOR Emerging Leader Program and what inspires her in her professional and personal life.


“You have to go wholeheartedly into anything in order to achieve anything worth having.”                                                                                                                
                                                                                                                   –  Frank Lloyd Wright

I feel very fortunate to be selected as one the Foundation for Oral Rehabilitation’s (FOR) first group of 12 Emerging Leaders to join the FOR Emerging Leader Program (ELP).
As a non-profit international organization, FOR has 3 major focuses: education, science, and humanitarian. Starting from its completely free website, where there are numerous presentations and videos on various clinical as well as research topics in implant dentistry, to diverse formats of educational materials to promote science and new technology.
FOR strives to foster an open learning environment where clinicians have access to a wealth of knowledge. Moreover, FOR has a goal to train the ELP members to develop and deliver educational content effectively through scientific investigation, research, and providing mentorship to other dentists. Through the interaction of the 12 members, we have the opportunity to collaborate and exchange ideas, share clinical cases, and learn. The benefit of such international collaboration is significant. Barriers of regional differences and anecdotal treatment philosophy were broken. There is a true evidence-based approach to our clinical challenges.
I am very excited to embark on this incredible journey with FOR and be part of the ELP. This is only the beginning. The collaboration with my international colleagues has opened my mind and encouraged me do better, not only for myself, but for future clinicians that I will provide mentorship to.
Ann Wei, Mastering High Impact Communications
Ann Wei at the ELP Mastering High Impact Communications Workshop, June 2022
FOR has already helped me to be a better communicator, shown me the standards for which I wish to strive toward, and provided me with friendships with other like-minded clinicians in the program. This has already changed me as a dentist, mentor, and as an individual. The impact made upon me has inspired me to go further and hopefully encourage others to provide exceptional dental implant care so that we can improve the lives of our patients.
Whatever we think, we think bigger, whatever we do, we do better. I am more inspired than ever and for that, I thank FOR. The future is brighter looking forward!


About the author:

Prosthodontist and FOR Emerging Leader

Dr Ann Wei, DDS FACP has a private practice in San Francisco. She is one of the 12 Emerging Leaders that started the ELP this year and are on track to complete the program by the finish of 2023. During the program, Dr Wei will have the chance to experience immersing herself in 2 internationally renowned centers of excellence for a clinical residency and to develop herself through workshops on communications, presentations, research, and digital photography. Emerging leaders will also gain opportunities to talk to leaders in the field and join them on stage. All thanks to the ELP! 

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