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Treatment Guidelines

Unique patient-centred multi-disciplinary treatment guidelines

Discover FOR's multi-disciplinary review of key evidence-based principles and clinical treatment steps for edentulous patients who long for an oral rehabilitation which meets their wishes and possibilities.

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Safety Checklists

Enhance your clinical outcomes by making FOR Safety Checklists part of your daily routine.

While dental practitioners understand which steps are necessary to provide safe and effective treatment, the routine use of checklists helps avoid errors of omission as both dental practitioners and their staff do not need to rely solely on memory to remember each step of a procedure.

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Treatment Checklists

Peri-implant tissue health

The checklists on peri-implant tissue health support and guide you in the anamnesis and diagnostic assessment of peri-implant tissue condition and in the treatment options and decisions for affected peri-implant tissue.

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Peri-implant pathology risk scoring tool

Assess your patients' risk of peri-implant pathology

A tool that helps you identify some of the main risk factors of peri-implant pathology and their impact on the development of disease. Eight questions will trigger an overall risk factor, as well as a recommended recall regime based on the MALO CLINIC's protocol for recall and maintenance.

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Tool to assess the risk of peri-impantitis