Treatment Checklists

Facilitate your preparation, planning and documentation 

The checklists on peri-implant tissue health support you in the anamnesis and diagnostic assessment of peri-implant tissue condition and in the treatment options and decisions for affected peri-implant tissue. They also allow concise monitoring of tissue conditions over time.

Checklist I

Patient Status Profile

This checklist provides an overview of patient’s oral health, general health and behavioral factors to assist in a comprehensive diagnostic and anamnestic assessment.

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Checklist II

Assessment of treatment needs

This checklist guides through diagnostic and clinical peri-implant tissue health parameters to identify potential treatment needs.

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Checklist III

Common treatment options

This checklist presents a comprehensive selection of treatment options, on a hygienic, prosthetic and surgical level, to facilitate treatment decisions and documentation.

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Contributors of the Treatment Checklists

Georg Watzek
Daniel van Steenberghe
Peter Schüpbach
Eric Rompen
Roland Glauser
Bertil Friberg