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Treatment guidelines


Key points

  • Microbial testing is not necessary before implant treatment
  • Decreasing microbial load in saliva of edentulous patients is easily achievable by tongue scraping and oral rinses with antiseptics
  • Only when implants are in place and superinfection occurs can microbiological sensitivity testing become clinically relevant

Clinical topics

Implants in compromised sites
Local factors
Patient assessment

Additional internal materials



A consensus statement is an agreement on currently available knowledge and may shift over time based on new evidence. Today there are solid data that there is an association between history of periodontitis and later peri-implant inflammation and infection. However this finding...



Periodiontal diseases may create complex vertical and horizontal bone defects and pose specific challenges for implant based treatment. Dr Tabanella presents patient histories with generalized chronic and advanced periodontitis situations and reviews challenges, treatment planning...


Chinese oral health surveys reveal, that over 90 % of edentulous Chinese patients loose their teeth because of long-term severe periodontitis. Chinese patient do not or a not able to seek regular dental check up's and treatment due to time, cost or cultural reasons. Dr Lin is...


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