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Treatment guidelines

Comprehensive treatment concepts, Pterygoid implants

Key points

  • Similar to the placement of zygomatic implants, the use of pterygoid implants avoids the need for sinus lift and grafting procedures
  • The cumulative survival rate over a 10 year period for implants placed in the pterygoid region is reported to be 91%
  • The main reason for using pterygoid implants is the availability of dense cortical bone of the pyramidal process and the pterygoid plate

Additional external resources

Reiser GM. Implant use in the tuberosity, pterygoid and palatine region: anatomic and surgical considerations. In: Nevins M, Mellonig JT, eds: Implant Therapy Clinical Approaches and Evidence of Success, Vol. 2. Chicago: Quintessence 1998: 197.


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