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Treatment guidelines

Number of implants maxilla and mandible

Key points

  • Since surgery to deal with edentulism belongs to elective surgery, one should consider the risk-benefit ratio and opt for less invasive surgery when patient needs and wishes can thus be met
  • When opting, in agreement with the patient, for either fixed or removable prostheses besides financial costs, the “cost” of discomfort, risk of complications, unavailability to normal activities, treatment duration … should all be considered.
  • Removable (bar-retained) prostheses can sometimes be easier to maintain plaque-free by elderly patients.
  • In the mandible an overdenture on two implants in the symphysis, connected or not by a bar, is the standard of care for patients who have been edentulous for some time.
  • Excellent survival rates (> 99 %) are reported in the maxilla with ≥ 4 implants supplied with a bar anchorage for an overdenture or to carry a fixed prosthesis

Clinical topics

Implant prosthetics
Biomechanics and occlusion
Success & failure

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Treatment guidelines

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