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Treatment guidelines

Soft tissue management

Key points

  • The need for keratinized/immobile soft tissue surrounding permucosal implants remains a matter of debate
  • Maintenance of inflammation-free peri-implant soft tissue may be easier when immobile

Additional resources



Alessandro Pozzi: Modern 3D treatment plan - from the virtual to the reality

Patients request not only functional restorations, but also esthetic rehabilitation, improvement of appearance, smile and self-esteem. To support this objective, modern digital planning systems combine guided surgery assistance with appropriate and comprehensive diagnostic and...
Digital workflow
Guided Surgery
Edentulous treatments


Egon Euwe: The esthetic upgrade for the edentulous patient

The lecture reviews the treatment plan and workflow for fixed prosthetic restorations of edentulous arches. The diagnostic planning before the implant surgery can be tested e.g. with provisional diagnostic dentures. Highlighting with a patient case, Dr Euwe explains how a screw...
Edentulous treatments
Prosthetic materials


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