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Treatment guidelines

Submerged or non-submerged

Key points

  • Osseointegration is a prerequisite for long term clinical success of implants
  • Minimal inflammation and movement of implants are critical to osseointegration
  • Submerged implant healing requires a second surgical approach

Clinical topics

Success & failure

Additional resources



Torsten Jemt: Long-term experience of single-tooth implant restorations

The lecture gives insight in experiences with dental implant treatment in the Branemark clinic over a period of > 30 years, with over 8000 patients treated and almost 40.000 implants placed. The first developments focused on esthetics and screw joints, development of standardized...

Implant surfaces
Aftercare / follow up
Success & failure


Bertil Friberg: Long-term perspective of implant treatment - what have we learned

Dr Friberg covers the long term perspective of treatment with dental implants, ranging from the history of dental implantology and the detection of osseointegration until what has been accomplished till today in implant treatment. The lecture gives insight into treatment protocols...
Implant surfaces


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