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Treatment guidelines

Intra-operative complications

Key points

  • Due to the anatomic characteristics of the edentulous lower jaw intraoperative complications can occur
  • Evaluation of hard tissue configuration/dimension helps to avoid intraoperative complications
  • Jaw fracture, bone perforation, vessel and nerve injury are potential intraoperative complications

Clinical topics

Implants in compromised sites
Success & failure

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Treatment guidelines




Damage of sublingual arteries can lead to intense hemorrhage. Subsequent elevation of floor of the mouth can lead to (fatal) airway obstruction ! An early symptom of sublingual swelling may be a muffled speech. In such situation ensure free airways (intubation, tracheotomy),...

Aftercare / follow up
Success & failure

Treatment guidelines

As described in Patient Assessment, a thorough evaluation of patient factors influencing whether to proceed with surgical therapy is relevant.
Depending on the tpe of surgery prescribe pre-operative medication (for example antibiotic coverage), if...

Patient assessment
Preoperative procedures


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